3D Architectural Rendering of Construction Site

3D Architectural Rendering of Construction Site

3D Architectural Rendering Construction Site is a project that we did for our regular client, Vertic strategic digital agency.

The Vertic company is a progressive agency that provides complex brand-building solutions. We share the idea that any digital service, be it promotional marketing or 3D architectural rendering, should offer a superior customer experience and generate tangible results for the business.

The 3D Architectural Rendering Construction Site project came with the following technical task:

  • create high-resolution 3D renders of a construction site with a modern-looking city in the background;
  • show the construction site with works in progress;
  • use the specific color scheme;
  • use models of people, cars, and equipment to make the scene look lively;
  • make the whole atmosphere look positive;
  • provide high-quality images that would further use on the websites of the client.

We stay in touch and discuss every correction or key question to ensure that our partners get 3D renderings that match or exceed their expectations. In addition, our extensive internal library of 3D models allows us to produce upscale visualizations of the urban landscape, industrial areas, natural environments, machinery, etc.

3D architectural rendering is widely used by website developers who need to add quality images to their websites. Photorealistic 3D renders let the viewer feel as if they are actually in the scene. In many cases, they are even better than actual photos.

For designers, architects, and real estate agents, this is a great way to compile a portfolio or showcase a project in a presentation to the best advantage.

Besides, outsourcing your rendering needs to a professional 3D studio means that the work will be done fast and smoothly. CGStandard provides a personal project manager for every project to ensure complete customer support. Drop us a line if you are considering a project and need top-quality 3D renders along with excellent service.