This Agreement for 3D Rendering Services (“Agreement”) is between CGStandard, operated by private entrepreneur Petro Ukolov, located at 18 Atakara Yarosha str, Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine (“Service Provider”), and the Client, whose details will be specified in the individual Service Order.

1. Scope of Agreement

1.1. The Service Provider agrees to provide the Client with 3D rendering and animation services, including architectural visualization and product rendering, in accordance with the Client's technical specifications. The Client agrees to accept and pay for these services. Services will be performed based on materials or data provided by the Client, provided that they meet the necessary standards and formats required for the execution of the work.

2. Services Provided

2.1. The creation of 3D renders and animations, including but not limited to architectural visualization and product rendering. The services do not include the creation of drawings.
2.2. For long-term projects, the Service Provider will provide the Client with periodic reports on the progress of the work.
2.3. The Service Provider may offer additional services, such as post-processing of finished 3D images if agreed upon with the Client.
2.4. The Service Provider has the right to publish the final results of the works on its website as part of its portfolio. If the Client does not wish their project to be published, they must explicitly state this in writing prior to the commencement of work.

3. Online Acceptance of the Agreement

3.1. Placing an order for services via email constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. To confirm the order and initiate the commencement of work, the Service Provider will send a written confirmation of the order to the Client.
3.2. Any changes or additions to the terms of this agreement must be agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties. Electronic confirmation (for example, via email) is considered sufficient for such an agreement.

4. Client Information

4.1. The Client is required to provide personal information for order processing and invoicing: full name, company name (if applicable), address, and phone number.
4.2. The Service Provider commits to not disclose this information to third parties and to ensure its secure storage and use solely for purposes related to the execution of this agreement.
4.3. The Service Provider takes all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality and security of the provided information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
4.4. In the event of any changes to the Client’s contact information, the Client is obliged to immediately notify the Service Provider of such changes.

5. Payment Terms and Service Fees

5.1. Services are provided on a prepayment basis of 30%, 50%, or 100% of the total service cost.
5.2. The cost and deadlines for the services are determined by the Service Provider and agreed upon with the Client before work commences.
5.3. Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card, or electronic payment systems. All transfer fees are to be paid by the Client.
5.4. In case of a payment delay of more than 7 days, the Service Provider reserves the right to suspend the work until full payment is received.

6. Project Modifications

6.1. The Client may request changes to the project at any stage of its execution. This requires a written notification with a detailed description of the requested changes.
6.2. Additional costs for these changes will be determined by the Service Provider and agreed upon with the Client. In case of significant modifications that entail a revision of timelines and costs, a new agreement is required.
6.3. The Service Provider commits to inform the Client of any potential delays in the project timeline caused by the requested modifications.

7. Refund Policy

7.1. A full refund is available if prepayment was made, but work has not commenced.
7.2. If work has begun, the prepayment is non-refundable. However, in case of service cancellation at the early stages of work, the Client may discuss with the Service Provider the possibility of a partial refund.
7.3. No refunds are provided if the Client cancels the services after the project's completion or during its final stage.

8. Final Payment and Delivery

8.1. Final payment is made after the Client reviews and approves the final work. The Service Provider will provide an opportunity for a preliminary review of the work before its final approval.
8.2. The Service Provider may apply watermarks to the work until final payment is received.
8.3. Rights to the images and animations are transferred to the Client upon final payment. All materials and files used in the process remain the property of the Service Provider unless otherwise agreed.
8.4. Transfer of 3D models and working files is possible for an additional fee upon mutual agreement.

9. Dispute Resolution

9.1. All disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved through negotiation between the parties.
9.2. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the dispute may be referred to mediation or arbitration before resorting to litigation.
9.3. If mediation or arbitration does not result in the resolution of the dispute, the parties have the right to take the matter to a competent court at the location of the Service Provider’s registration.

10. Final Provisions

10.1. This agreement becomes effective upon the Client placing an order via email.
10.2. Any changes or additions to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.
10.3. The agreement may be terminated early by mutual consent of both parties or in case of failure by one of the parties to fulfill their obligations under the terms of this agreement.
10.4. The Service Provider reserves the right to make changes to the terms of this agreement independently and publish them on their website. The Service Provider is obliged to notify the Client of such changes.