3D Architectural Visualization Cottages in Germany

3D Architectural Visualization Cottages in Germany

3D Architectural Visualization Cottages Germany is a series of our portfolio works, sometimes created as individual projects, parts of more oversized orders, or just catalog items.

Real Estate Agencies, Construction Companies, Architects, and Designers often need them for their websites or presentation. A 3D visualization like this can also use by a travel or event agency to advertise a tour or rental options.

This 3D Cottage Visualization order came from Germany, with the following technical task:

  • Create several exterior renders and interior renders of the cottage
  • Use textures and materials specified in the technical task
  • Fit the cottage into a beautiful natural setting on a hillside near water and surrounded by trees.
  • Provide 3D architectural visualizations for different parts of the day (dawn/daylight, bright afternoon light, and nighttime)
  • Use 3D models of people to create the atmosphere of a party. (For instance, this could be a cottage rented by a friends group or coworkers for a weekend or some celebration.)
  • Also, provide 3D renders without models to show the solitude and calmness of the place.
  • Provide high-quality 3D visualizations that could use in websites.

CGStandard has created several 3D Architectural Visualizations of Cottages in Germany, the USA, Japan, UAE, Canada, and other countries. Some of our works are published online as tutorials or just portfolio items for many clients.

Browse our portfolio for more works, or contact us if you'd like us to create a project for you.