3D Architectural Visualization Cottages Wenzenbach

3D Architectural Visualization Cottages Wenzenbach

3D Architectural Visualization Cottages Wenzenbach is a non-commercial project. Our 3D artists created it inspired by the work of German architects (Fabi Architekten BDA).

The original project was a house consisting of two buildings located on a hillside.

We loved the spaciousness of the place, its subtle shine, and how the building was integrated into natural surroundings.

Our 3D visualizers re-created the architecture of the building, trying to render the following:

  • add the autumn colors;
  • revive the atmosphere of the scene by adding some movement through the game of light, birds flocks flying in the air, shadows playing on the walls, and the falling leaves;
  • showcase the building from different views in a series of renders so they could be used in a portfolio or on a site selling real estate;
  • use textures and materials identical to those in the original images: granite crushed stone, wooden terraces, large glass windows;
  • underline the clean geometry of the architecture;
  • create a photorealistic, ‘living’ image;
  • add 3D models to the scene. The authors of the original building commented that it was perfect for chilling, partying, relaxing, and just enjoying yourself. Our 3D visualizers agreed it would be so and tried to render it in the images by adding figures of people.

We at CGStandard believe that inspiration combined with professional skills and smooth workflow are the most critical factors that make an excellent 3D architectural visualization.

If you like this 3D render or have a picture of works that inspire you, contact us, and we will tell you how we can make a perfect 3D visualization for you!