3D Bedroom Visualization

3D Bedroom Visualization

3D Bedroom Visualization. Use it to tell a story that’s in your head. Every piece of the rendering can be the visual embodiment of your dreams, and that’s where 3D architectural visualization comes in handy.

Last month we received an order from a private client, who was thinking about remodeling the bedroom in her new apartment.

She wasn’t even a designer or architect, so the technical task came as plenty of reference images of all sorts, a funny hand-drawn sketch, and a description message. But she had a clear picture in her mind of what the place should look like.

One thing we knew about her is that she was an artist and a photographer. So that’s where it all started.

Usually, when a new order comes to our studio, it’s divided between a team of 3D experts for the smooth workflow and best results in modeling, shading, lighting, texturing, etc. Besides, every order has a personal project manager assigned to it to supervise that we understand what the client wants clearly.

But in this case, one of our 3D visualizers was so inspired by the idea of creating a perfect bedroom rendering that she took the whole project just for herself.

Anyway, the task for this 3D bedroom visualization was to:

  • provide high-dimensional 3D renderings of the place showing views from different camera angles;
  • make the area look lively and photorealistic. Our client had also told she wanted to use the renderings for her website or any other purposes online and offline;
  • divide the bedroom into separate zones for work and sleep and focus on them in the 3D visualization accordingly;
  • use loft style for the whole space, with brick textures and materials from our libraries, but not make it appear too harsh;
  • find 3d models of furniture close to the drawings that the client had given;
  • show the game of light on the walls and furniture (we checked the location of the apartment to know where the sun rises and at what time it comes into the room);
  • and most importantly: make images translate the atmosphere of creativity and inspiration that our photographer was really after in her life. 

Now, check out the wooden table that’s lit by the soft rays of light. The paints and the brushes, the little box of watercolors, the bright blooming flower, and the open album on the table. Was she turning over the pages reluctantly in the morning?

The lamp over the table painted black with thick strokes suggests she might have refurbished it herself.

However, we took it a step further.

The 3d models of people that you see in the rendering are not randomly chosen. Instead, they look much like our beautiful artist and a particular person present in many of her pictures.

So there’ a man. A woman. And a camera.

This 3d bedroom visualization can tell its own story. So take your time to linger on it. :) And ask us to know what you think about it.

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