3D Cafe Rendering in Japan

3D Cafe Rendering in Japan

Japanese architecture has a very distinct style. It has been tailored through centuries to combine modernity and tradition. The 3D Cafe Rendering in Japan demonstrates this blend beautifully.

In the picture, you can see a sun-lit cafe, probably in the early morning hours. Check out the shadows on the floor and the bright colors of the textile.

A commercial order from an architect, this 3D Cafe Rendering had a precise technical task. The client had approved the choice of textures, materials, furnishing, and other details, and we were to produce highly photorealistic imagery.

It is often essential to create from scratch or find 3D models of furniture and decor that the client would later buy and use in a natural environment.

It is yet another reason for online furniture stores to collaborate with 3D visualization studios: having a branded library of 3D models would help interior or exterior designers partner with them (thus completing projects faster and more accurately).

So our cafe visualization shows a perfect place for breakfast or morning coffee, a business lunch, or just a meeting with friends. In this visualization, the served tables with some stationery suggest that maybe a group of people will come for a planned meetup, e.g., having a meal during a conference break.

But let's get back to the original requirements. Some of them were:

  • to provide high-resolution 3D rendering that will use in online and offline presentations;
  • use the reference images for furniture layout and decor elements;
  • make the atmosphere look welcoming and informal;
  • have the visualization look photorealistic but not use 3D models of people (this is a different point that we specify in our client's brief).

A 3D visualization should not just be a nice picture. It ought to tell a story, something that would make you linger on it.

Do you think we coped with the task? Drop us a line with your ideas!