3D Cottages Rendering in The USA

3D Cottages Rendering in The USA

3D Cottages Rendering in The USA is another example of our exterior rendering work for our regular client, an architect from New York.

Usually, when an architect performs a project for a particular client, they are precise about the house's location.

It means that the future building has to fit into the existing architecture and the natural landscape. Another essential factor to take into account is climatic conditions.

This 3D Architectural Visualization of Cottages in the USA came with the following technical task:

  • use the drafts and drawings provided by the client;
  • use the textures and materials specified in the job;
  • render the minimalistic Japanese style of the buildings;
  • create high quality 3D exterior renderings;
  • create 3D renderings of the engineering systems (heating and cooling);
  • put the buildings into the natural environment (the client specifically asked us to focus on the weather);
  • provide 3D renderings of various views, including bird's eye views.

We were very inspired to complete this task as the client asked us to experiment with perspectives and post-production, which is always interesting for an artist. Furthermore, we got the approval to publish a tutorial based on this work in some of the significant resources for 3D Renderings: Evermotion.org and 3ddd.

For architects, designers, or real estate agents, 3D rendering is an excellent means to present a project. Unlike 'flat' pictures, 3D images convey the atmosphere of the place, highlighting the message that you want to pass to your clients.

That is why 3D exterior renderings successfully use in portfolios, websites, and catalogs.

If you would like to create 3D exterior renderings for your project, contact us at any time.