3D Farm Rendering in the USA

3D Farm Rendering in the USA

3D Farm Rendering in the USA is a significant project for Danfoss City carried out by CGStandard studio in collaboration with Vertic Digital Agency. Working with top industry players is always a most exciting experience, and we are proud to share the outcome in our 3D portfolio. 

In the course of work, we created numerous 3D renderings depicting urban life, agricultural and industrial areas, travel and recreational sectors, etc. to showcase the ingenious technical solutions offered by Danfoss Company and beautifully presented by Vertic.

 What made the project even more interesting is that the 3D visualizations were to be presented at the world's leading trade show for industrial technology, the Hannover Messe, in a first-of-its-kind interactive touch-screen installation

Over 200,000 attendees of the event had the opportunity to experience 3D virtual scenarios via a 104-inch Multi-touch table application and an Augmented Reality application.

Therefore, the technical task was to:

  • Provide high-resolution 3D visualizations for further use online and offline;
  • Create a quality photo-realistic product, interior, and exterior renderings and animation;
  • Make sure the visualizations fit in the corporate style of the Danfoss City Project and recreate its progressive atmosphere.

We provided 3D visualizations of industrial equipment, machines, supermarkets, plants, and agricultural landscape such as fields, farmland, etc.

The farm 3D rendering was one of the unusual tasks for us. We created many renderings of the equipment that supports the day-to-day operations of this farm.

The work we are showcasing here is product visualization for the agricultural area: check out the harvester machine and the irrigation system with its pumping system. According to Barbara Schenk, Sr. Director, Strategic Marketing & Business Development Central Europe at Danfoss, the exhibition booth created by Vertic "immediately attracted, and resonated well with the audience.

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