3D Lamp Rendering: 3D Product Rendering in Denmark

3D Lamp Rendering: 3D Product Rendering in Denmark

This 3d rendering of a lamp was ordered by an interior designer working on a large order for his client. It is also intended to be placed in the portfolio of the designer and printed in the press.

The technical task was as follows:

  • create a 3D model based on the drafts;
  • create highly realistic textures and materials per technical task;
  • ensure that the images got the style;
  • make sure that the shapes of the object modules were visible against the dark background;
  • create the glowing effect from the inside of the lamp;
  • provide the images in high quality for further publication in a magazine. 

As you can see in these images, different camera angles allow you to present your product in the best light (pardon the pun) and impress your clients. In addition, research shows that 3D visualizations are often the decisive factor in selling a project to private customers or investors.

Lighting is one of the critical elements in creating a homely, welcoming atmosphere known as Hygge in Denmark and worldwide. Decorate your home with beautiful decor elements explicitly designed for the interior of your home with custom 3d lamp visualizations.

You can order 3d product visualization as a part of your larger interior design project or as a separate task.

The 3d lamp rendering is a perfect portfolio or catalog item. So if you like what you see, browse on!