3D Office Building Rendering in Detroit, US

3D Office Building Rendering in Detroit, US

3D Office Building Rendering in Detroit was an order that our studio did for a real estate company. Glass from top to bottom, the tower was meant to be the largest in the city at 888 ft tall. Looking like it's a complex of buildings; it is one, with three setbacks, all the same height. The top 2-3 floors are a park, with a fitness area and other facilities.

In this project, the technical task came with a Google Earth screenshot attached, so we had a specific place and exact address to fit the new building.

This case shows clearly that 3D Renderings are an excellent tool for all kinds of businesses related to architecture: construction companies, real estate companies, architects, and designers. 3D visualization allows us to see non-built architecture in a natural environment and assess how it will look in the whole ensemble.

So the client provided us with the following information:

  • the exact address of the property;
  • details of the building, including notes on initial concept design and reference files;
  • requirements for resolution (the image should be high quality somewhere around 3,000 pixels);
  • notes on the surroundings: in particular, people in the picture.

The client also specified that he would like to be able to see the building top to bottom.

Since we combined a photo with 3D graphics, it's not a standard order, even though this technique is often employed in 3D visualization. So this project demonstrates one more method of using 3D renderings: a fusion of real photographs with renderings.

Large-scale construction projects entail significant funding; that is why it is essential to thoroughly work through all the details. Even minor mistakes can be very costly, while 3D renderings can avoid them at an early stage.

Presenting a 3D architectural visualization to investors will increase the chance of deciding in its favor significantly.

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