3D Yoga Mat

3D Yoga Mat

If you have your online store and sell your products online, you know exactly how important it is to have attractive images of your products. The better your product looks, the more likely it is to be bought.

I'll give an example based on an online store selling yoga mats. All stores in this niche have pictures of their products on their website. And very often, the mats look bad. Those who have tried photographing a yoga mat know that it is tough to level and fix it in one position to take some good photos. Likewise, if you need to take pictures of several yoga mat designs, it is tough to take similar pictures.

But there is a great solution: you can use 3D yoga mat images instead of photos in your online store. All pictures in this article are made with computer graphics by our team of 3D specialists.

The main advantage of a 3D yoga mat is photorealistic, and the speed of creation is only 1-2 days for one mat design. You do not need to order the services of a photographer and photo studio.

To request a 3D yoga mat, you need to send the following information to mail@cgstandard.com:

  1. Take some photos on your phone that show the design and texture of the yoga mat.
  2. Specify how many 3D yoga mat images you would like to receive.

Our project manager will write to you within one business day and help you make an advance payment. Then within 1-2 business days, your yoga mat will be ready, and you will get all the 3D images you need for your website.

With quality 3D images, you will be able to increase your sales significantly. Please visit this page for more information: https://cgstandard.com/yoga-mat-3d-rendering