How does our 3D architectural rendering studio work?

How does our 3D architectural rendering studio work?

So, you have a project that requires 3D modeling and Rendering, and you have finally found us!

CGStandard specializes in creating photorealistic 3D renderings of architectural sites for your commercial campaigns, as well as for your presentations to investors.

Input Information For 3D Rendering

What do we need to know before we start working on your 3D architectural visualization project?

Please send us your drawings, layouts that contain all technical characteristics, including floor plans, elevations, material references, and of course, your main requirements for the project. In general: all you think can help embody your idea in upscale renderings.

What Can Documents be Useful for The Creation of 3D Architectural Visualization?

  1. Project drawings used in 3D Rendering with required dimensions and scale.
  2. Coordinates of the object.
  3. All the technical documentation you have about this project (to understand the general concept and details).
  4. References that show what level and quality of visualization you expect.

In Addition, We Need You to Answer The Following Questions in Brief Form:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What sort of nature areas should we show on a scene?
  3. What styles do you prefer in exterior/interior design? 

Feel free to send us some photos or links of the textures, furniture, materials, plants, and surroundings that you would like to put on the scene, and of course, examples of 3D renderings in the quality you would like to reach in your project (if you have any).

Evaluating 3D Architectural Rendering Project

How much 3D visualization costs?

Within 2-12 hours, we estimate the cost and time that we might need to create 3D Rendering of your architectural project in high quality.

Production Phrase: 3D Architectural Rendering Process

We discuss all the details of the visualization project with you, and after you approve them, we receive a 50% prepayment and start working.

We divide the workflow into several stages. Each of them is approved by you (we'll be sending you raw renders with watermarks).

You can participate in the process from the project's first steps, making your comments and edits to the scenes, light and camera settings, detailing, etc.

3D Rendering Project Corrections 

In this project phase, you can still make some minor changes that will not affect the modeling work completed and approved.

Post-Production Phase in 3D Architectural Rendering Process 

When we go through all the milestones and get your confirmation on each of them, you pay the other 50%. After that, we make the final Rendering as soon as the images are prepared to achieve the most realistic effect. Then, we send them to you without watermarks in the required resolution.

We also provide the following services for your 3D architectural project:

  1. 360 interactive panorama and virtual tour
  2. Animation (a video of your 3d architectural visualization)