Stages of House 3D Visualization

Stages of House 3D Visualization

To start, we should clarify that any project 3D visualization, such as houses, creates realistic models of any buildings using special software. (For example, 3DS Max)

Then, the 3D model is used to create the construction documentation and estimate some materials and works. In general, a 3D image can give a specific submission on how the house will look as a result.

Every work begins with a choice of the style and dimension of a supposed house.

First stage: Our 3D team creates a layout with the dimensions of each floor and room.

After approval of your object's dimensions, squares, and heights, the specialists start work with a frontage of a house and a 3D exterior visualization. When the project works together with a client, it is more convenient to create any flat model basing on which we can make a 3D image. In addition, it is technically more accessible because of the software that can import any flat drawings in the 3D models.

When the 3D model is created, the specialists begin the visualization process. First, we implement rendering of the exterior using an additional program module that turns a virtual image into a real live photo by all input information.

To create 3D models of the houses as input information, our 3D specialists use drawings, photos, layouts, etc. During the project creation, we can add some changes to the landscape. In this case, we have a complete picture of the whole place with the house. This sort of 3D visualization today is the most popular and needed. Therefore, this step allows saving a budget to do a general visualization and not pay for each separate stage.

In the end, modern technologies allow modeling the project of high quality as on a photo that can decrease any risk of architectural, technical, and designer mistakes to zero.

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